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Below you can download all materials related to our InfoSphere Modules and other materials.

Please note: All the working materials offered for download by the InfoSphere - Student Laboratory for Computer Science are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC-BY-SA). In the file "Module Handbook" all materials are provided at once. It is also possible to download specific working sheets separately. Teachers can put a request to get the raw materials and adapt them to their lessons. We kindly ask to indicate the InfoSphere as author.

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

Image Module Files
Introduction to Java Programming Leitprogramm JAVA.pdf2.87 MB, Leitprogramm JAVA - Code.zip23.4 KB
go4IT! Materials - Basic Workshop "Robotics" go4IT!-Arbeitsblätter.pdf1.93 MB, go4IT!-Handzettel.pdf281.57 KB, go4IT!-Plakate.pdf1.04 MB, go4IT!-Muster.pdf648.04 KB, BriefEltern_go4IT_Vorlage.pdf324.49 KB, Projektbericht_go4it!.pdf4.93 MB, Beispielprogramme.zip2.13 KB, Vorlage-Programmstuecke.zip96.85 KB, Software_inkl_Simulator.zip23.57 MB
Media in the InfoSphere Medium-3D-Drucker.pdf258.31 KB, Medium-Arduino.pdf309.36 KB, Medium-Clicker.pdf321.39 KB, Medium-Dokumentenkamera.pdf142.66 KB, Medium-interaktivesQuiz.pdf190.35 KB, Medium-Laptop.pdf161.54 KB, Medium-Moodle.pdf205.71 KB, Medium-Multitouch-Display.pdf228.96 KB, Medium-NXT-Roboter.pdf217.81 KB, Medium-Smartboard.pdf306.17 KB, Medium-Smartphones+Tablets.pdf320.36 KB, Medium-Whiteboard+Tafel.pdf172.93 KB
First App - Materials Getting_started_MIT_AppInventor.pdf238.79 KB, Info-sheet_Designer_and_Blocks_Editor.pdf538.67 KB, WS1-Drawing_Beginners.pdf854.57 KB, WS2-Drawing_Intermediates.pdf1.06 MB, WS3-Drawing_Experts.pdf568.82 KB
Computer Science Enlightened - Materials Modulhandbuch-Informatik_Enlightened_ohne_Material.pdf1.42 MB, Installationsanleitung-Arduino+ArduBlock.pdf405.6 KB, Station 0 - Einstieg.pdf1.15 MB, Station 1 - Sonnenblume.pdf1.6 MB, Station 2 - Einparkhilfe.pdf1.31 MB, Station 2 - Einparkhilfe - Bonus.pdf362.61 KB, Station 3 - Geschwindigkeitsmessung.pdf1.03 MB, Station 3 - Geschwindigkeitsmessung - Bonus.pdf332.13 KB, Station 4 - Farbthermometer.pdf1.09 MB, Station 4 - Farbthermometer - Bonus 1.pdf351.86 KB, Station 4 - Farbthermometer - Bonus 2.pdf365.25 KB, Abstand.zip969 bytes, Liste der Bauteile im InfoSphere-Kit.pdf164.3 KB, Modulhandbuch-Informatik_Enlightened-Kurzfassung (Sek. II).pdf16.95 MB, Station 2 - Einparkhilfe_inkl_Einstieg (Sek. II).pdf1.51 MB, Station 4 - Farbthermometer_inkl_Einstieg (Sek. II).pdf1.71 MB, Station 0 - Introduction.pdf1.3 MB, Station 1 - Sunflower.pdf1.61 MB, Station 2 - Park distance control system.pdf1.31 MB, Station 3 - Speed Measurement.pdf1.32 MB, Station 4 - Color thermometer.pdf1.08 MB