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Teacher Training: Introduction to Textual Programming by Arduino

The first is the worst…

…as is also getting in textual programming. Especially at the very beginning, students have problems to understand the concepts of textual programming. If they do not get any sense of achievement, it will be hard to maintain their motivation.

Now the Arduino comes into play! Arduino is an affordable microcontroller platform developed for teaching purposes. As the basic commands are easy to learn, it is not much effort to make LEDs shine and let motors move. Immediate sense of achievement guaranteed! Real world feedback makes the results immediately perceptible. Conventional programming cannot provide such a strong effect.

The workshop "Computer Science Enlightened" enables students to learn basic textual programming skills easily in tandem with experiments concerning light.

Find more information about the module here.

Within one day, our training related to the module Computer Science Enlightened imparts you the knowledge that is necessary to utilize Arduino in your lessons successfully. Furthermore, you will get to know the material which you can borrow from the Student Laboratory of Computer Science as well.

Here you can find more information and the workshop material.

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CS4HS 2015

As being sponsored once again by the Google CS4HS-initiative, we can make a special offer for teachers from the whole German-speaking area in school year 2015/2016.

Further information and the registration can be found under Arduino Training as Online Course.

Created By
Matthias Ehlenz
Required Knowledge
basic programming skills
6.00hours (incl. breaks)