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Educational Games

Here you find some educational games on various topics that are designed for diverse target groups. The games are part of different modules, but they can be played alone as well – having some prior experience. They were created by RWTH students (course of studies of (educational) computer science).
Have fun!

Title Description Target Group Created By Instructions
Screenshot InfoDot Educational Game "Adventures with the InfoDots"

In this game, young children can explore the world of computer science in a playful way.

Kindergarten, Elementary School Maximilian Lutz, Julia Bayer
Screenshot of the Educational Game Educational Game "Sorting"

This educational game is a digital alternative to one stage of the module "Nothing Else Than Computer Science?!?".

Elementary School Kathrin Larisch, Tobias Schlüter, Yannik Kohnke Anleitung_Sortieren.pdf834.66 KB
Screenshot of the Educational Game Educational Game "Path Finding"

Here, different students can search in parallel the shortest path via street map.

Elementary School Lea Christ, Mustafa Sezer Anleitung_Wegsuche.pdf712.39 KB
Screenshot of the Educational Game Educational Game "Knapsack Problem"

This game is all about an optimization problem of theoretical computer science: the knapsack problem.

Elementary School Minh Duc Ha, Sébastien Touré, Joachim Kerkmann Anleitung_Rucksackproblem.pdf449.19 KB
Screenshot of the Educational Game Educational Game "Magic Cards"

By means of a simple example, the students get to know what check bits are and how they make it possible to detect errors.

Elementary School Simon Hinz, Sascha Ratner, Prethep Paramananthan Anleitung_Zettelzauber.pdf727.84 KB
Screenshot of the educational game Educational Game "Internet"

This educational game is integrated in the module "How Does the Internet Work".

Middle School Yannik Kohnke Anleitung_Internetspiel.pdf764.33 KB
Screenshot Stop the Virus Educational Game "Stop the Virus"

The educational game "Stop the Virus" is integrated in the module "Explore the Internet as a Network" for junior high school students.

Junior High School Felix Tuna Anleitung_Virusjagd.pdf779.43 KB
Screenshot of the Educational Game Educational Game "MouseLogic"

The aim is to construct technical circuits so that the wholes the mice made into the setup are repaired.

Junior High School, High School Tobias Grimm, Marcel Ritz, Faraz Ali Anleitung_Maeuselogik.pdf567.39 KB
Screenshot des Lernspiels Educational Game "FruityList"

In this game, you can playfully get to know the data structure "Simple Linked List"

High School Kevin Lu, Maximilian Lutz, Damin Kühn Anleitung_FruityList.pdf813.36 KB
Screenshot des Lernspiels Lernspiel "RegEx"

This game is all about regular expressions. 

High School Dominik Baumgart, Joachim Kerkmann Anleitung_Regex.pdf576.81 KB