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How Does the Internet Work?

Every day we use the Internet, visiting webpages, writing e-mails, chatting and so on. But how does the Internet work?

In this module, students get to know the different components and the idea behind the technology while working in small groups. The module is divided into two parts. First, the students get to know the technologies and procedures which are important for the functionality of the Internet. For this purpose, the students visit stages on different topics. The related tasks help them to delve into the respective topics and make the subject matter vivid. The stages cover the following topics:

  • Conversion from decimal numbers to binary numbers
  • (secure) Data transfer
  • the fast network in the background
  • Components and structural design of a webpage
  • DNS-Server
  • Composition of Internet addresses

Afterwards, the students play a board game to connect the different things they learned. The game aims at loading a webpage. To reach this goal, the students need to use different techniques and handle a lot of events. Sending packages across a map of Germany, they receive the elements of the webpage one by one.


Educational Stage
Middle School
Required Knowledge
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Christoph Siegers