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Material for Computer Science Classes

Below you find a (certainly not complete) collection of links that lead to materials for the conception of computer science classes. We look forward to further hints and hope that this site will not stop growing (please just use our contact form to suggest a tool).


Link Description Target Group
ACM Digital Library (from within RWTH network) Useful for the research of scientific papers in the field of (didactics of) computer science Students & Teachers
App Camps

Working materials for computer science classes related to

  • App development using the App Inventor or JavaScript
  • Scratch
  • Calliope mini
  • Databases and SQL
  • Data security
  • Fake News (coming soon)

Working materials dealing with the basics of information technology:

  • IT basics & Windows 7
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Junior High School

EducETH is the educational portal of the ETH Zurich where quality assured and free teaching materials for computer science and other subjects are offered.

There are sundry computer science materials, especially numerous teaching guides covering the topics

  • trees and graphs
  • sorting algorithms
  • dynamic data types
  • traffic light control
  • GIMP
  • Kara
  • and more
Senior High School

Teaching materials on object oriented programming, especially on the topics:

  • polymorphism
  • lists
  • sorting algorithms (bubble, selection, and insertion sort)
  • graphical representation of recursion
  • binary search trees
Senior High School
"Gymnasium Odenthal" (grammar school in Odentahl)

Teaching materials for all age groups (also on basics of information technology), partly complete teaching series, exams for senior high school available

Middle School, High School
iMooX MOOC with many computer science issues under creative commons license Students & Teachers

Computer science course on moodle dealing with

  • binary system
  • data bases
  • OOP (with Greenfoot and BlueJ)
  • software development
  • computer networks
Middle School, High School

Teaching series on (nearly) all computer science topics covered at school:

  • information and its representation
  • introduction to programming (Scratch, Kara, Python, Java)
  • modeling of computer science systems
  • algorithms and data structures (lists, trees, graphs)
  • software and its development (graphical user interfaces)
  • communication in computer networks (computer networks, cryptography)
  • operation principle of computers
  • languages and their processing (formal languages and automata, compiler, interpreter)
  • limits of algorithms (complexity, computability)
  • declarative programming (logic and functional programming)
Middle School, High School
ingo-bartling Numerous working materials and videos covering (nearly) all computer science topics from the 6th grade on, many online tests available Middle School, High School
java online

Internet-based learning environment dealing with programming topics (Java, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python)

  • game programming
  • Turtle graphics with Java
  • Android Turtle graphics
  • coordinate graphics with Java
  • Lego robotics with Java
  • smartphone programming
  • programming with Python
  • dynamic websites
Middle School, Junior High School, (Senior High School)
JS Hero

JavaScript tutorial with interactive exercises

High SchooI
klick dich schlau

A free e-learning site on the following topics:

  • working materials on the basics of information technology
  • IT basics & Windows 7
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Middle School, Junior High School
learn:line NRW

learn:line is the North Rhine-Westphalian education server and is edited by the Landesinstitut für Schule/Qualitätsagentur (LfS/QA) (engl.: state institute for school/quality agency)

Middle School, High School

Lehrer-online (engl.: teacher online) supports soon-to-be and practicing teachers providing a free internet service about the application of digital media at school. Practical relevant teaching units for different school levels and types of schools as well as internet tools that are pedagogically worthwhile and can be used in class without major preparation are offered. The main fields elementary school, middle school, high school and vocational training are complemented by useful information about media literacy and law of new media.

Collection of teaching units and materials:

  • computer science basics
  • modeling
  • algorithms
  • data bases
  • spreadsheet
  • business information systems
Middle School, High School
Materials consistent with core curriculum
  • suggestion of internal school curriculum
  • materials
  • teaching projects for senior high schools
Senior High School

Extensive online platform to work out senior high school contents:

  • dynamic programming, backtracking
  • binary search trees and graphs
  • encryption
  • cellular automata (Conway’s Game of Life)
  • linear data structure
  • sorting algorithms
Senior High School
media studies

Teaching plans on specific topics such as

  • chatbots
  • data protection
  • RFID
  • cyberbullying
  • filesharing
  • social networks
  • audio editing
Middle School, Junior High School, (Senior High School)

Numerous teaching series with assignments and solutions, grouped by the different courses:

  • compulsory optional subject (website design, digital/analog, Java, Lego NXT robotics)
  • basic course (computers and networks, data bases, Java with BlueJ and the Java Editor)
  • special subject (recursion, functional programming with Haskell, Java, data bases, automata and formal languages, Turing machines, cryptology)
Middle School, High School
Ministry of Education NRW Here, the current specifications for NRW can be downloaded. Students & Teachers
Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (ACM) This link leads to the subdivision of ACM that deals with didactics Students & Teachers
SQL Tutorial (School server Hesse) Interactive introduction to SQL Senior High School
Swiss Educ: Kara Introduction to programming (automata, Java, JavaScript, Python, …) Middle School, Junior High School (Java Kara also for Senior High School)
SwissEduc - Computer Science

Computer science teaching materials:

  • computer science learning environments
    • Kara
    • GraphBench
    • Exorciser
  • blog about computer science didactics
  • dynamic websites
  • hands-on search engines
  • internet research
Middle School, High School
The websters

Comic stories from the internet

  • the subscription trap
  • cyperbullying
  • nude photos in the internet
Middle School, Junior High School
Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien (ZUM)

The nonprofit society ZUM Internet e.V. was founded by teachers. Interested parties can make good teaching ideas and materials available for all ZUM visitors for free.

Middle School, High School
ZUM Wiki

ZUM platform for teaching content and learning processes

Middle School, High School