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InfoSphere WG

To give you more opportunities (on a regular basis) to visit the InfoSphere, we have started an Infosphere workgroup in the school term 2017/2018. Currently, we offer two different workgroup concepts in parallel: You can either work on free projects or participate in alternating modules. For each date you can decide anew if you like to work on your own project or get to know a new field of computer science. The InfoSphere WG is held every first Tuesday of the month from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. You can (and must) sign up for every date separately because we like to fill all 24 open spots. All students from class 5 to 9 are invited to join. If older students are interested, they are welcome to join along as trainers/tutors.

Here are the next sign-ups:

Read more about the alternating modules: In November and December we will offer modules about Scratch and the Internet