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go4IT!-Advanced-Workshop "Holiday Camp Female App Developer"

In this workshop, the girls bring their beloved robots to life again.
The holiday camp is based on a unique concept combining different computer science issues with various social aspects. Thereby, the main focus is on positive experiences with and enthusiasm for computer science and technology as well as inspiring group dynamics.

First Day:

At the beginning, the participants can prove their motor abilities by assembling the robots. Afterwards, the content of the go4IT!-basic-workshop (motor control & sensors) is repeated. As soon as all girls have reached the same familiarity with the subject matter, they have to apply their knowledge when programming their robots. At that time, some fascinating programs are created already. Subsequently, the girls get to know additional programming concepts and use them to let their robots drive over small colored plates and play various sounds depending on the color. 

Second Day:

The second part of the workshop then does no longer deal with robot programming, but instead with the programming of a smartphone app to remote control the robots. For that, the participating girls use the MIT App Inventor and thus learn the essentials of app programming. First, the robots are controlled by means of a directional pad. Afterwards, the girls program a second app that uses the position sensor to control the robot. The participants can test their apps and their qualities as "helmswomen" by steering the robots through an obstacle course using the remote control. For the grand final of the secon day the girls and their robots compete in an exciting race to find out which robot can be steered through the course fastest. 

Third Day: 

On the third day, the participants prepare a presentation for their families and other interested parties. Therefore, they have to care about some organizational stuff: Which part of the workshop results is presented by whom? Who shall moderate the presentation? What can be done to give the audience a final surprise? And so on and so forth... After the discussion of these questions, the girls start to implement their ideas. They work on welcome address and introduction as well as explanations to give the audience an understanding of the computer science concepts the participants got to know during the workshop. The main challenge is to create a little show all robots perform at the end of the presentation. In hindsight, we can say that we have already seen awesome performances: romantic weddings, a rhythmic robot dance act, modernized fairy tales, exciting rescue missions or humorous skits. But there are always two things all shows have in common: cute robots and a rapturous audience.


Educational Stage
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
3 days
Created By
Thiemo Leonhardt & Team