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go4IT!-Advanced-Workshop "Holiday Camp Female App Developer"

In the autumn version of the three-days go4IT!-advanced-workshop, the girls meet their beloved robots once again. They program them to drive over coloured small plates and to play various sounds doing so. The girls hereby get to know additional programming concepts and learn how to apply them to solve more complex challenges.

The second part of the workshop then does no longer deal with robot programming, but instead with the programming of a smartphone app to remote control the robots. For that, the participating girls use the MIT App Inventor and thus learn the essentials of app programming. Once the task is successfully solved, the robots are steered through a course using the remote control. In the afternoon of the third day, the workshop once again ends with a presentation of the results in front of an interested audience.


Educational Stage
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
3 days
Created By
Thiemo Leonhardt & Team