Schülerlabor Informatik - InfoSphere, Informatik entdecken in Modulen für alle Schulformen & Klassenstufen

Information for Teachers

Dear Teachers,

we view the Student Laboratory for Computer Science InfoSphere as an addition to the standard computer science classes at school and also as an opportunity for children and teens that did not find their approach to computer science, yet. Our goal is to get students enthusiastic about computer science and spark their interest. This requires the children and teens to get an extensive look into various topics.

In this context, the InfoSphere offers different approaches to various facets and applications of computer science manageable also by children and teens from grade schoolers to high schoolers that do not have a knack for technology. There are half-day and full-day modules but also modules that stretch over several days. Modules contain research- and 'puzzle'-projects and, above all, a hands-on experience. All modules are free of charge!

A central concern is the integration of those extracurricular modules in the school classes. Although most of the modules can be taken independent of the curriculum, the biggest sustainability is achieved through a high correlation to the classes. For every InfoSphere module the compatibility with the NRW Computer Science Syllabus is shown and interested teachers are given ways how to integrate the covered topics into their curriculum. The InfoSphere is available for all grades, computer science classes and computer science working groups to present various topics, that cannot be covered in school due to technical oder methodical effort. As mentioned above, all modules are free of charge.

Currently offered modules:

Our Offers:

  • fascinating and free modules for all grades as an addition to in-school classes
  • prep and follow-up material for all modules
  • supervision of the modules by computer science students and teacher trainees

Please take note that InfoSphere modules that are billed over MINT-BSO cannot be counted as 'Workexplorationdays'.

How to Organize a Trip to the InfoSphere – Student Laboratory for Computer Science?

  1. Take a look at the currently offered modules and decide (if wished for, with our assistance) which module is suited best for your class(es).
  2. Contact us by using our Request Form. Please tell us:
  • Which grade(s) your class(es) is/are in?
  • Which module(s) you would like to book?
  • How many student will visit us approximately?
  • Which school you are from?
  • Which dates would be possible?
  1. We will then set a date in correspondence with the supervisors and as soon as possible get back to you.
  2. ATTENTION: If your school is not in the area of Aachen or Jülich, further arrangements with your zdi-Centre (Zukunft durch Innovation Centre) are required. Please contact us if that is the case to ensure that the module is free of charge.
  3. You visit us with your class(es) and have an exciting day during which you can view your pupils from a different perspective.

InfoSphere – Student Laboratory for Computer Science at the RWTH Aachen
Informatikzentrum of the RWTH Aachen
Ahornstr. 55 (driveway to the parking lot is located opposite of Mies-van-der-Rohe-Street 35)
52074 Aachen

Important: Our offer is completely free of charge!!! You only need to cover the expenses for arrival and departure as well as providing provisions for your students.

To ensure that our offer stays free of charge we rely on assistance. In general there are (currently) three different forms of financing:

  1. Means for work orientation by Bundesagentur für Arbeit: zdi-MINT-BSO (starting at 8th grade)
  2. Means for Bildungszugabe from the Aachen urban region (for all grades)
  3. Sponsors (to cover other expenses)

ad. 1.: As the Bundesagentur für Arbeit changed formalities, not only a list of signatures which is filled out in the student laboratory, but also a declaration of consent by the parents is obligatory. The declaration of consent is sent to the teacher (concerning visits of class) or the parents (in case of single application) in advance. Please give your child the signed declaration with him or her. Unfortunately, the additional effort is inevitable to maintain the grants which are „essential for our survival“. Please contact us directly, if you have any questions concerning this issue. Further information to the project zdi-MINT-BSO can be found here. We kindly ask teachers to collect the declarations of consent beforehand since it will end in a undesirable chase after documents otherwise.

ad. 2.: We would like to motivate all teachers (especially those of younger students) to file a request at Bildungszugabe of the Aachen Urban Region to ensure further support. Our sincere thanks are due to all teachers who did so in the last and the current term. We would be pleased if you take little effort for the next term and request the appropriate funds for your visit. The application deadlines are in mid-January and in mid-June, respectively. All information about the Bildungszugabe can be found here.

ad. 3.: It is always possible that something falls down, a device dies or we run out of sweets for the modules. To cover those expenses we require sponsors. Do you know someone or work in a company that could be interested in supporting student activities in the field of computer science? We are happy for each new contact and have no problem with presenting the InfoSphere at the company or working on possibilities of cooperation.