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Advanced Training (for Teachers and Other Interested Parties)

Besides the modules for students we also offer events for student teachers and teachers. If there is space left, other interested persons are welcome at any time.

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OER-Fortbildung Advanced Training on "OER in STEM Education"

Wir bieten einen Workshop zum Thema "Open Educational Ressources (OER)" im Rahmen des Projektes MINT-L-OER-amt an.

3.00hours (incl. breaks)
InfoSphere-Kit Teacher Training: Introduction to Textual Programming by Arduino

Within one day, our training related to the module Computer Science Enlightened imparts teachers the knowledge that is necessary for a successful utilization of Arduino in their lessons. Furthermore, teachers get to know the material they can borrow from the Student Laboratory Computer Science for their lessons. Read more...

6.00hours (incl. breaks) Arduino-Fortbildung - Materialien
InfoSphere-Kit Arduino Training as Online Course

We offer a Blended Learning Training named “Introduction to Textual Programming with Arduino” and consisting of four different stages. Thereby, we look forward to welcoming all teachers from Aachen and its surrounding country in the InfoSphere. Alternatively, the training can be done completely online. Read more...

12.00hours (incl. breaks)
Screenshot des App Inventors Training: Graphical App Development

Visual programming environments are good to impart programming to middle school and junior high school students. Contemporary lessons are related to the students’ context of life. Today, most students have their own smartphone. Therefore, one should try to integrate them in the lessons to keep the students’ motivation high.Read more...

6.00hours (incl. breaks)