Schülerlabor Informatik - InfoSphere, Informatik entdecken in Modulen für alle Schulformen & Klassenstufen

InfoSphere A-Z

A as in Algorithm
B as in Bilingual - several modules can also be conducted in English
C as in Computer Science
D as in Downloads - under this submenu, both teachers and students can find various materials
E as in Everyone - everyone is welcome to try out our single signups (see Student Registration for current offers)
F as in Flyer - you can download it here
G as in Girls - there are special offers for female students. Check out go4IT!
H as in Help - our supervisors are always ready to help
I as in Initiative - thanks to all people who have contributed to the growth of the InfoSphere
J as in Junior - the number of modules for elementary school students has constantly been increasing
K as in Knowledge - we like to schare our computer science knowledge with you
L as in License - all the material we provide is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0 International
M as in Materials - for lessons and self-studies
N as in Newsletter - do not miss our monthly InfoSphere news, sign up fast!!
O as in Open - we are open for any feedback and new ideas
P as in Poster - many of those can be found here
Q as in Quality - we are constantly enhancing our modules
R as in RWTH Aachen - the university we are part of
S as in Students - everyone (from 3rd grade of elementary schools to high school) is welcome
T as in Teacher -  some of our team members are going to be one
U as in Ubiquitous - computer science can be found almost everywhere in everyday life
V as in Variety - our modules cover diverse facets of computer science
W as in Welcome at the InfoSphere
X as in Xtra amount of fun :-)
Y as in Yeah - we look forward to welcoming you at the InfoSphere, always looking for Young Talents
Z as in Zero - your costs for attending our modules