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Arduino Training as Online Course

As being sponsored once again by the Google CS4HS-initiative, we can make a special offer for teachers from the whole German-speaking area.

We offer a Blended Learning Training named "Introduction to Textual Programming with Arduino" and consisting of four different stages. Thereby, we look forward to welcoming all teachers from Aachen and its surrounding country in the InfoSphere. Alternatively, the training can be done completely online.

  • Stage 1: Arduino: programming basics with first sensors/actors
    • In this stage, the participants get to know the Arduino microcontroller, the related programming environment and some sensors and actors (e.g. LEDs, motors, light sensor).
  • Stage 2: Further sensors/actors
    • Next, further construction designs (e.g. Lilypad) and sensors (e.g. pressure sensors) are introduced.
  • Stage 3: Connection with Processing for Arduino
    • The participants get to know further projects from the first idea to the finished product. Engaged students can implement those projects in working groups or at home.
  • Stage 4: Testing and Feedback
    • In this stage, you test practically what you have learned and give feedback.


This platform provides interaction as well. Every week the InfoSphere team offers an Online-First-Aid-Hour. It is also possible to present student projects.

Everyone who wants to participate can register here.

If you do not have an InfoSphere-Kit, you can buy one here or gladly borrow one for the training. You can also borrow class sets to use them at school.

We look forward to all of you who like to test this new form of training. Any questions? Do not hesitate to use our contact form.

Required Knowledge
basic programming skills
12.00hours (incl. breaks)