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Welcome to go4IT!

Our project offers girls in grades from 6 to 8 at different schools (In German: Gymnasium, Gesamtschule, Realschule) the opportunity to attend free robot workshops. The goal is to provide the girls with the self-confidence needed to design and deploy the technology and to increase their interest for technology and programming.

Using the Lego Mindstroms Roboter and under the supervision of highly motivated advisors, the girls are introduced playfully to the technology and computer science. The project consists of basic and advanced workshops. While the basic workshops take place in schools on two consecutive days during the regular school classes, the advanced workshops are offered during the Easter and autumn holidays. In addition to that, there are various opportunities to explore the technology in depth for the different grades, which are offered by the Student Laboratory "InfoSphere". In this context, we would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their valuable support and we are looking forward for further good and successful cooperation. Are you an interested teacher or a speaker at a school? Then feel free to contact Nadine Bergner for any questions regarding the project. Further information about go4IT! is found on the subsequent web pages!

The workshop materials for the basic workshops are found here and for the advanced workshop here.