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Screenshot aus Alice
Screenshot aus Alice
Screenshot aus Alice
Screenshot aus Alice
Screenshot aus Alice
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Programming your Own Stories with ALICE

Who hasn't heard about it? - The fantastic story of Alice on Wonderland. The Mad Hatter, the Rabbit and the Cheshire cat are all creatures in their own wonderful world.

The software Alice (Carnegie Mellon University) enables you to shape your own magic world in 3D and program it. In a small introductory project, which takes the students into a world of witches and dragons, they get to know the programming interface, fundamental functions and possibilities. In short, they are given the tools they need to realize their ideas and fantasies.

This is where it starts to get interesting! In teams of two people the students shall shape their own world and give life to its creatures. At the end of the module each team presents its world to the others. That means that a lot of planning is required, since every character needs to 'know' what to do. No matter if it is a story coming to life, a game fascinating the viewers or a video making the viewers laugh – there are no bounds to the students' imagination!

Together we create and explore new worlds – and everything in 3D!!!

A first version of this module was created during the summer semester of 2010 by Karola Weischenberg, Maren Kuschay, Thomas Roffmann and Max Sträßer in the context of a subject-didactic lecture at the RWTH Aachen.


(Source: Screenshots of Alice Software (

Educational Stage
Junior High School
High School
Required Knowledge
basic programming knowledge, preferably Java
4,5 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Maren Kuschay, Thomas Roffmann, Max Sträßer und Karola Weischenberg (original)
Andrea Langer (revision)