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go4IT!-Basic-Workshop "Robotics"

During the initial phase, girls in the grades 6 to 8 learn how to construct simple LEGO-Robots as well as “teaching” the robots what they have to do. The girls are asked to accomplish simple tasks without overwhelming them like: letting the robots drive along a line, follow a path or avoid an obstacle. The goal is to allow the girls to counteract the negative and false perception about the computer science before it is solidified.

Throughout the basic workshops, the participants are introduced in an oriented and playful approach to the technology and computer science, by touching, experiencing and trying out the key aspects. The girls should increase their self-confidence in dealing with technology, discover their skills and abilities and reduce their scepticism regarding the technology and computer science.

The workshops’ materials (in German) can be downloaded and used for your own workshops.

Educational Stage
Middle School
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
2 days
Created By
Thiemo Leonhardt & Team