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Tablet Workshops for Older Adults

InfoSphere now also has workshops for older adults. For more and more people, even in advanced age, the use of smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly interesting. Participants of the previous workshops mentioned "staying in touch" with friends and family as a main reason for their interest in dealing with smartphones and tablets. In the workshops we work with tablets, because they are easier to handle due to their larger screen for getting started. However, the learned can be easily transferred to the smaller smartphones, as both types of equipment does not differ in the basic operation.

Beginner‘s Workshop

Currently there is an beginner’s workshop. This is primarily for those who come into contact with a tablet for the very first time. The workshop is divided into two working phases.

1. 1. Working Phase:

The knowledge of different gestures (movement pattern of one or more fingers on the screen) is essential for the use of tablets. In order to break down hurdles and to facilitate the entry into the world of tablets, the most important and most needed gestures are learned directly at the device during the first working phase. A specially for this purpose developed program helps with small tasks while trying out the gestures. In addition to the gestures, different input techniques (texts, telephone numbers, selection) as well as so-called icons are also discussed in this working phase. Icons are small pictures or symbols that are commonly used in various programs on smartphones and tablets.

After this work phase all participants are able to interact with the tablet.

Depending on the number of participants, small groups are formed for the following work phases.

2. Working Phase:

This work phase deals with the topic "Apps". Before the participants can try the installation of directly on the device, we will generally discuss the topic. We deal with the questions "What is an app?", "What can / would you like to use apps for?", "Where does an app come from?", "How to install an app?". In this phase, it is all about gathering and expanding the different knowledge of the participants.

Advanced Workshop

An advanced workshop, which deals with individual aspects of tablets from a computer science point of view, is currently still in the planning phase.

Previous Workshops

Already 4 tablet workshops have taken place so far. Two of these workshops were conducted in cooperation with VHS Südkreis Aachen.

Basic’s Workshop, 14.01.2017
On 14.01.2017, 7 interested participants met for the first time for an basic’s workshop in InfoSphere. In four hours with a few breaks to breathe and continue trying out, we did the first steps in dealing with the tablet together. In the end, even the biggest critics of this new technology were convinced. One participant, who was still very critical of the tablet in the beginning, said goodbye to us with a “I think I'm having fun”.

Basic’s Workshop, 05.05.2017
In cooperation with VHS Südkreis Aachen, the second tablet workshop was organized in May 2017. Twenty-seven interested people joined the 90-minute course. The program of the workshop was well received by all participants and the 90 minutes passed quickly.

Basic’s Workshop, 22.09.2017
In September 2017 another workshop took place in cooperation with VHS Südkreis Aachen. Of the 10 participants, only two had already worked with a tablet. In the workshop, it wasn’t noticeable that most of the participants were total beginners. Without any problems they learned gestures, input variations or installing apps.

Basic’s Workshop, 13.04.2018
Interested older adults once again met on Friday evening for a tablet workshop in the VHS Südkreis Aachen. Nine motivated senior women and one spontaneously participating senior man made themselves familiar with the basic operation. In group work phases, they gathered their previous knowledge about apps. After initial uncertainty and statements such as "what should I write because I do not know anything about it," they found many answers to the asked questions. This provided a good basis for the subsequent Q & A session in the overall group. Then again they worked active with the tablet. After a short time, all participants had an app installed by themselves. The 90 minutes again flies like in flight.