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FamilyDay: "Robotics"

On Robtics-Family-Day, the InfoSphere invites children and their parents to experiment with a lot of different robotic tools such as the Cubetto, taking it to a trip around the harbour, the honey-loving BeeBot or the Lego WeDo-modells, which come with several sensors and are programmed via tablet. Also on board are the mBot, which can be taught to detect an obstacle and circle around it, and also the buddies Dash & Dot, which are also programmed via tablet. Interesting for the older participants are the minicomputers micro:bit and Calliope mini, which are programmed via PC using puzzle-like building blocks. A highlight where the Ozobots, which are programmed using coloured lines (either on paper or on tablet). These little guys can follow their users’ names, for example. For the especially clever ones there is the B.O.B. 3, a robot with coloured eyes, a distance sensor and much more to hang around your neck, which gives a first impression of textual programming.

4.00hours (incl. breaks)
Required Knowledge
Educational Stage
Elementary School