Schülerlabor Informatik - InfoSphere, Informatik entdecken in Modulen für alle Schulformen & Klassenstufen

Information for Students

Dear students,

here at the Student Laboratory of Computer Science – InfoSphere – in Aachen you are able to get to know a wide range of subjects concerning computer science in particular ways.

At our place you are invited to discover the world of computer science – either with your whole class/as a working group or with friends or alone. We offer different modules which cover current topics of computer science. These topics are explored and solved in small group projects by using methods and tools of computer science.

In an InfoSphere-module you can deal with topics you are interested in and get access to materials, media, programmes or techniques which are not available at your school.

To give an insight into our modules, here are some examples:

  • Those who wonder about the zebra stripes on products e.g. in the supermarket can find out about the idea behind them in "GTIN-Codes".

  • How the interior of a PC looks like and how a PC works can be discovered during a trip into the PC.

  • Whoever wants to write own applications for his or her smartphone will discover how this could be done in the Android modules, e.g. in "First App Programming" or "InfoSphere goes Android".

  • Another part of computer science (you will also deal with at university) is theoretical computer science. You can get to know this field e.g. in the modules "shortest path" and "Lego Turing Machine" where theoretic subjects are explored not only in theory, but also practically.

  • If you are interested both in computer science and biology, take a look at the module "Cellular Automata".

Have fun while reading our module descriptions. We look forward to your visit at the InfoSphere at RWTH Aachen University

If you are interested in our modules, tell your teacher about our student laboratory.


Your InfoSphere Team