Schülerlabor Informatik - InfoSphere, Informatik entdecken in Modulen für alle Schulformen & Klassenstufen

General Information


The main goal of the InfoSphere is to strengthen the pupil's ability to deal with technics in various ranges of tasks. Students should perceive that they earn skills in technical analysis and systematic technic design and that they use systematic methods of computer science. Especially it should be worked on open tasks, which require various and creative solutions in teams and which promote cross-discipline competences.

InfoSphere is one of few student laboratories, which do not just bother with applications, but with the core of computer science. The goal is to uncover concepts, methods and tools of computer science, which are hidden in everyday life.

The student laboratory for computer science can be used to expand the classic computer science lessons and connect recent research with school contents.



The student laboratory is open to every level of education (all types and classes of Schools) and computer science workgroups. It allows the approach of current subjects in a different and maybe more interesting way, as the InfoSphere allows for different technical setups, which cannot be achieved at school.

This way subjects are more appealing and more impressive to students. They are directly connected to their life (i.e. smartphone-programming, GPS systems, social networks). They extend their point of view towards new and fascinating subjects like visual cryptography, the limits of computer-calculable problems, and other current computer science research topics.

The integration of school external education-modules into the classes is an important concern. Most of the modules can be completed independent of a computer science course, a far greater response can be achieved in conjunction with a current topic of a computer science course. The compatibility of every InfoSphere module to the curriculum (NRW-Informatiklehrplan) is described in the module handbook and allows interested teachers integration into their courseplan.


The InfoSphere modules teach media-competences in addition to their subject matter. Results of projects and experiences are documented in form of a community on our website and are made available for other students. This way projects produced in the laboratory can be presented to non-participants like parents, fellow students or other teachers. This is most interesting when the topics are revisited during classes. Pupils are given access to a new platform, on which they can continue to pursue the topic and interact with fellow interested students.


Current Topics, even current research, can be addressed in cooperation with other computer science departments to bridge the chasm between school and university. This way pupils are enabled to make first contact with the world of university and can get a first impression of research, which can be an advantage for a later choice of study.

For further Information you are welcome to contact us. There is also a Flyer you can download: InfoSphere-Flyer.pdf



(stated on January 28,2018)