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Since 2010, the participants can deepen their acquired knowledge from the 2-day workshop during a 3-day advanced workshop. This advanced workshop is held during the Easter and autumn holidays. The programming concepts acquired during the first workshop are repeated and other new concepts like branches and variables are introduced. Additionally, the girls learn how to control the robots by means of Bluetooth connection using the smartphones. Finally, the robots are controlled through a self-programmed remote control where they are moved accident-free in a versatile parkour.

Both workshops take place in the premises of InfoSphere (here is the description of how to find us). The personal contribution of each girl is 30€.

The advanced workshops are supported by THINK.ING, e.V., Berlin

The advanced workshop materials can be downloaded here and the parent’s letter can be found here.




Advanced Workshop Autumn 2018

The autumn workshop takes place usually to deepen your robotics skills acquired from the basic workshop. All girls with basic knowledge from go4IT basic workshops are welcomed to join us for a 3-day advanced workshop in October 2018 in the Infosphere - Student Lab for Computer Science at RWTH Aachen.

You will find here a detailed description of "Holiday Camp for Female App Developer", and here the schedule and the registration (not yet activated).







Advanced Workshop Easter

The second advanced workshop will take place at the InfoSphere premises during the Easter holidays. From April 4-6, 2018 is was conducted for the second time according to the new concept, so that all participates from previous basic and advanced workshops could also take part.

Slogan: “Computer Science Female Designer” – The goal of this 3-day workshop is to let the clothes/ bags etc. light, beep and move using Arduino microcontrollers (Lilypads). On the first day, we will conduct together an “Introductory Workshop” for Arduino programming so that it will not be a problem if you have never heard about Arduino programming. The only prerequisite is the programming experience from go4IT! basic workshop. After this one-day introduction, you will be allowed to start implementing your fashionable ideas. In small teams, you can start design your bright clothes or even a hat with a beeper for theft protection. Here, there will be no limit to your creativity!

We are looking forward to meeting you and would be very excited about your bright ideas! Here you can find a detailed description "Holiday Camp for Female Computer Science Designer" and here is the schedule (in German).

For more information, you can contact:

Dr. Nadine Bergner

0241 / 8021933