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Tools for Computer Science Classes

Below you find a (certainly not complete) collection of tools that can be used in computer science classes. We look forward to further hints and hope this site will not stop growing (please just use our contact form to suggest a tool).

Link Description Target Group

graphical programming environment as introduction to the object-oriented world

  • simple construction of stories, games and animations including user interactions in a 3D world
  • no syntax errors as puzzle pieces that are similar to Java are used for programming

High School (without Java)

App Inventor

Graphical programming using puzzle pieces that snap if they are correctly positioned

  • programming of own apps for Android devices online in the browser without using a concrete programming language
  • separation of design and function
  • focus on imperative constructs and events for components such as buttons, labels etc.
Junior High School

Introduction to OOP with Java (textual)

  • offers interface to model class relationships similar to UML notation
  • object inspector enables you to "look inside" objects
Senior High School
Code it!

Online programming tool

  • Block-based programming of images and animations
  • Interdisciplinary: Computer Science, Mathematics, Art
Middle School Online tool to create different diagrams (processes, graphics, circuit diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, mockups, network diagrams, software design, …) in *.xml format Students & Teachers
edSurge Sundry useful tools for computer science classes Students & Teachers

Real-time collaboration in terms of a simple text editor

  • collaboration easily possible by link sharing
  • use of multiple colors makes obvious who wrote what in a document

Any desired


Online tool to create and conduct multiple choice questions

  • a code enables quiz login in any browser of an arbitrary device
  • there is the possibility to watch the live voting results for each question

Any desired


Learning application on computer networks with lecture notes and solutions for sample questions

  • design of a network with computers, cables, switch, router, modem
  • network, system, client server and server applications
  • peer-to-peer data transmission
  • DHCP server
  • routing (over several switching computers)
Senior High School

Introduction to OOP with Java (graphical)

  • GLOOP is a library that can be embedded in BlueJ
  • enables construction of 3D objects including interactions via mouse and keyboard
  • good imagination and basic mathematical knowledge for the representation of objects in the Cartesian coordinate system needed
Senior High School

Introduction to OOP with Java (graphical)

  • game programming differentiating world and actor
  • simple interaction via mouse and keyboard
  • act and run button to control games
Senior High School
Java Editor

Editor for programming in Java (nearly a mini development environment)

  • native for Windows over Wine/CrossOver, also stable for Linux/Mac
  • contains a compiler (no console needed)
  • automatic construction of classes out of UML diagrams and vice versa
  • code generation out of structure charts
  • graphical interface for the construction of simple GUIs with automatic code generation
  • debug mode

Senior High School


Control a beetle in a virtual world; graphical programming by means of automata, also available in different programming languages and other environments:

  • Kara
  • KaraToJava
  • JavaKara
  • GreenfootKara
  • GameGridKara
  • ScratchKara
  • JavascriptKara
  • PythonKara
  • RubyKara
  • TuringKara
Middle School, High School

Textual programming in pseudo code

  • graphical representation of the robot Karol in a 2D/3D world
  • automatic generation of a structure based on the pseudo code
Middle School, Junior High School

Graphical programming using puzzle pieces that snap if they are correctly positioned

  • simple creation of stories, games and animations in 2D including online user interaction in the browser
  • no syntax thanks to prefabricated blocks
  • imperative constructs can be learned
Middle School
Snap! (BYOB)

"Bild Your Own Blocks" Add-on based on Scratch; own blocks can be built and used as functions (with and without parameter)

Junior High School

SQL Tutorial

  • step by step SQL tutorial (English)

Senior High School

The Noun Project

Free graphics under creative commons license

Students & Teachers

Create a free blog

  • free login data for are needed
  • simple creation of a website thanks to selectable layouts

Any desired