Schülerlabor Informatik - InfoSphere, Informatik entdecken in Modulen für alle Schulformen & Klassenstufen

Lending Service

Is it the case that you and your class or WG like to work with our InfoSphere-Kits on the modules "Computer Science Enlightened" or "Ardublock" but there aren't any Infosphere-Kits at your school? No problem, we can help you out.

As a teacher or head of an out-of-school learning centre you can borrow a class set of InfoSphere-Kits from us - free of charge.

Our Offer:

Your Tasks:

  • Fill in the Form for Borrowing InfoSphere-Kits
  • Agree a date (via mail or phone)
  • Pick up the InfoSphere-Kits
  • Sign the Form for Borrowing InfoSphere-Kits
  • Return the InfoSphere-Kits on time (extension possible upon consultation)
  • If necessary, get lost/broken components (not requested if only one resistor or LED is affected)