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Computer Science Holiday Camp for Do-Gooders (Arduino Holiday Camp)

Using computer science and even photonics to improve the world – that sounds challenging!

That’s why – every now and then – we look for creative and clever brains who like to develop new ideas, implement their concept, and present their results in the end. There are (almost) no limitations of the projects you will deal with in groups. It is all about creative ideas, no matter, if the issue is an electric letterbox that sends its owner a message via smartphone whenever a letter arrives, or clothes with blinking LEDs that indicate the own mood or even a home help for elder people who probably cannot see that well anymore… It’s your turn! On the first day, you will get an introduction to the world of microcontroller programming using an Arduino so that you can implement your projects afterwards. You do not need to bring any previous knowledge, but there is no disadvantage either if you already have some :-)

If you like to start such a project at home, you will find some materials below:

Here you find announcements and reports from previous years (German):

Educational Stage
Junior High School
High School
Required Knowledge
3.00 Days