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Ladybugs Control via Snap!

Are you interested in an exciting treasure hunt or would like to learn how to do a whole week’s shopping with a computer? While doing this you help a ladybug to find a flowerpot and all of this only with the help of Computer Science.

Snap is a simple graphical programming language that allows you to write your own program quickly and easily using programmable logic arrays. These programmable logic arrays can be attached to each other like puzzle pieces. That is the way how you can help the ladybug to get to the flowerpot or a parrot to find a treasure. Simultaneously you get to know a lot of new programming commands. With these you can write your own programs bit by bit.

To take part in this module you do not need any previous knowledge and do not need to ever have used a computer, too. If you want you can work on our exciting research book and practice a little bit on paper before you start working with the computer.

You are now nosey and would like to get to know many new worlds? If yes then come over and take part in our module.


Educational Stage
Elementary School
Required Knowledge
Experiences with the computer (at least with mouse and keyboard)
Preparation through research book ‘Robotik’ from the project ‘Informatik an Grundschulen’
3,5 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Sascha Ratner