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Screenshot aus ScratchJR
Tablet mit ScratchJR
Tablet mit ScratchJR
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Let’s Program a Walk through the Zoo or a Race with ScratchJR

(Of course it’s possible to program Scratch in a browser as we do in the module "Learn to Program while Having Fun with Scratch", but you can also use ScratchJR (Scratch junior). ScratchJR is a tablet application developed for young children and used in this module.)

Who would like to let Scratch take a walk through the zoo? Or who would like to program a race between elephants, cats and mice?

For this module, you do not need any prior knowledge at all. It does not even matter if you have ever used a computer.

ScratchJR is a tablet application you can use to make your first experiences as a programmer. First, you choose a background. How about the underwater world? Then you need some suitable figures. Maybe you like to choose some fish in the sea or the princess at the beach? If you are happy with the world you have created, it will become exciting. Putting the commands together like puzzle pieces, you can move the objects and make them talk. Why don’t you try to record some sounds to make you story livelier? How much fun it would be, if the fish says "good morning" to you!

Becoming curious? Don’t miss out!

Educational Stage
Elementary School
Middle School
Required Knowledge
3,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Evelyn Willam