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FamilyDay: "How Does the Internet Work?"

Probably, many of you have already used the internet. Have visited a website, chatted with friends, or played an online-game. In doing so, you maybe have asked yourself: But how does all this stuff work? It is precisely this question you will investigate in groups of four mastering 8 challenges by the use of your hands and brains. Finally, there will be a big Young-Against-Old-Internet-Quiz.

What you need to participate:

- at least one child that goes to elementary school or middle school
- an adult (no matter if mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle or another relative)
- fun to go on a journey and discover the internet
- a little time (5 hours)
- no previous knowledge (but of course there is no disadvantage either if you have some) and
- lots of good mood

We are looking forward to young and old alike.

4.00hours (incl. breaks)
Required Knowledge
Educational Stage
Elementary School
Middle School