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Screenshot des Chatbots
Screenshot des Chatbots
Screenshot des Chatbots
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Programming a Chatbot

Imagine yourself sitting at your computer and chatting with your best friends, as always – at least that’s what you think. Would you really notice if it was a different person or even a chatbot that you're talking to? Is that even possible?

In this module, the students will approach an answer to these questions and get to know different topics in artificial intelligence. The goal is to implement a chatbot oneself. But how does an intelligent chatbot respond to various questions and statements?

For such a program a lot of questions and answers are needed. This is where the fun starts. Altogether, you will feed the chatbot with questions and answers of your favorite topics. Like this, you can build a chatbot that gives – at least in some cases – mighty clever and funny answers.

In this way, you can teach your bot everything it needs to know to communicate with humans.

At the end of the module, parents and siblings will be invited to test the chatbot and find out how clever it already is and where it has some knowledge gaps. Maybe there will be some funny surprises as well! And who knows who you'll really be chatting with the next time…

Educational Stage
Middle School
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
InfoSphere Team