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App Inventor
App Inventor
Wer wird Android Experte?
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First App Programming – Introduction to the App Inventor

They can do almost anything and we take them with us anytime and anywhere – right, we are talking about smartphones.

Everyone who would like to find out how to create little apps has come to the right place.

In this module we explain what you need to know to create apps with the App Inventor and how little apps can be programmed. The participants do not need any prior knowledge, but should like to discover something new. The App Inventor is free and accessible to everyone ( Therefore, the module can easily be continued in class or at home.

(Figure: Screenshot of the App Inventor's user interface ( made by the InfoSphere Team)

An appropriate installation instruction is offered (see materials).

At the beginning, the students learn the basic elements of the App Inventor and directly try how to use them. Afterwards, they can create their own first apps guided by step by step instructions and add new functions.

The module always follows a two-part approach. First, the layout is designed, then the functions of the app are defined. While designing the layout, the participants can let their imagination run free and try out all the different elements. In the second step, the students are taught basic programming features (such as variables, event handling, if-condition) they can try out and apply immediately. When the app is completed, the students can test it with a smartphone or emulator (that means, for the continuation of the project at home or in school a smartphone is not necessarily needed).

But we do not want to give away too much...


This module was transferred to Berlin in 2013 and is applied there similarly. Click here for further information.

Educational Stage
Middle School
Required Knowledge
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Sabrina Thorwesten
revision by Michael Gliesing