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Learn to Program while Having Fun with Scratch

Loops, variables and so on – Are these terms making you work up a sweat?

In this case, you have already found the right place!

The cat called SCRATCH (named after the programming environment and programming language Scratch which was developed by MIT Media Lab) helps you to acquire basic programming skills and forget about your doubts. After you will have become an expert of one out of four topics, you will be free to use your new skills and lots of creativity. In groups of four you will apply your expert knowledge to design an imaginative game and improve your skills.

In the end, you will be well practiced in the handling of loops, variables etc.!

Go for it and become an InfoSphere-Scratcher :-)




Some further information for adults:

Scratch ( offers students the possibility to discover the world of programming in a playful way. The participants can achieve marvelous results within a short period of time, design their own worlds, manage figures of their own choice – in this way, software development is fun. The students work with the programming environment Scratch which enables them to create and program their own scenarios on different levels of difficulty. Thereby different characters can be programmed in self-designed imaginary worlds. First, the students are trained to become an expert of different programming elements (e.g. loops or variables) – yeah, sometimes this task makes the students‘ heads spin. Anschließend werden Teams gebildet, die aus Experten aller Teilgebiete bestehen. Afterwards new teams are built so that each domain is represented by an expert in every group. Every expert is needed to program a small game which causes fun and ambition.

Scratch offers the opportunity of an playful entry in programming. In this module, the students can design and program their own scenarios on different levels of difficulty.

Ursprüngliche Version von: Laura Tiemann, Kathleen Hartkopf, Georg Mierau, Jan Schulz

(Source: Screenshot of the Scratch user interface ( angefertigt vom InfoSphere-Team)

Here, the budding scratcher can look up how to take his first steps in scratch. Enjoy programming!



Attention: This module's material is available in English. If there is enough preparation time, a conduction in English will be possible.

Educational Stage
Middle School
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Kathleen Hartkopf, Laura Tiemann, Georg Mierau, Jan Schulz (original)
revision by Evelyn William