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Webshop & Co:  How to - An Overview of Web Technologies

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This module about web technologies and web programming offers a peek behind the scenes of a website.
What happens on a server when I access the website and how does a webshop display so many products without constantly opening a new page?
Those questions are answered in step-by-step scenarios, in alternating phases of discovering the connections and independent programming.
Founding on basic knowledge about HTML, the students gain insight into the server's dynamic with PHP by letting them build their own webshop.
Educational Stage
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
basics of HTML
the following terms should be known: browser, server, database, filesystem, interpreter, PHP, dynamic/static, variable, request
no explicit knowledge about PHP or similar programming languages and databases (MySQL, etc.) required
4,5 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Marc-Christoph Gerasch, Marco Kraß und Eiko Schuddebeurs-Kerinnis (original)
Tim Ortmann (revision)