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Introduction to Java Programming

During the next weeks, your goal will be to learn the basics of programming. Programming means to write a text in a special language which makes it possible to give the computer assignments it has to perform.

This special language is called a “programming language“. The first programming language we will learn is Java. Java is a modern programming language which is often applied in work environments, the internet and at universities. Both simple and complex software can be created with Java as a programming language.

Do you use your Computer regularly? If that’s the case, you probably have used software that was programmed in Java – without even realizing it. This teaching guide will not only help you with your first programming steps, but also empower you to understand and, after some practicing time, even use a multitude of programming languages.

Complete this teaching guide on your own! Whenever you are writing a program, it is important to not to continue with the next task until your software works as intended.

You will achieve your goal, when you have mastered the teaching guide. During the next chapters you will learn the basics of programming in Java step by step.

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