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Modell Kondensator
Modell elektrisches Bauteil
Modell Kondensator
Elektrische Schaltung
Modell elektrisches Bauteil
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From Resistor to Full Adder - Introduction to Computer Engineering

Your bicycle lights glow at the traffic lights although you do not pedal. Your camera has a bright flash light with just small batteries. How does a dim sensor work? And how is all this connected with logical components and computers? You have been always interested in electronics? No matter if you are beginner or hobby craftsman, then the InfoSphere is the right place for you!

Together we will find the right answers. Therefore, we will do some experiments with electronic kits in order to understand, finally, how a pocket calculator works. How can we control current flows by switching on and offs in circuits and how can we illustrate these information? We will find the answers!

In this module, we will begin with basic physical concepts and electronic components. How the transistor works, shows us, how logical components can be implemented. With some experiments and a simulation program we are able to create a virtual pocket calculator, which can add binary numbers. So we get a basic idea how a modern digital pocket calculator works.

After completing this module, you are ready and qualified for the module computer engineering (II), where you will get to know how a micro controller works and how to build a game controller with it.

Educational Stage
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
basic physical concepts and basic principles of electricity woul be helpful
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Thomas Roffmann