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House of the Future - Home Automation with Micro Controllers

Computer science makes life easier. At least, if you automate a house with it.

You cannot imagine your everyday life without them: micro controllers and sensors. In this module high school seniors get to know micro controllers and how they can be used for handy applications. Profound assembler or programming knowledge in C are not required but the basics of Java.

In the context of house automation a micro controller will be programmed. The students will work in groups of three to four people on different house automation projects. They will create, among other things, an alarm system, motion-controlled lights, automated air conditioning or intelligent blinds. The tasks alternate between programming, algorithmic thinking and tinkering. The final result is a house of the future based on the students' ideas and visions.

This module uses the micro controller modular system of the company Tinkerforge ( To successfully participate in this module, no profound Java knowledge is required. All possibly unknown Java functions will be discussed during the module. Helpful, but not required, is knowledge of the binary system.

In this module, the students get an overview of micro controllers as well as a motivating, hands-on experience with the programming language Java. Programming a tangible object vividly demonstrates students the concept of object oriented programming.


Educational Stage
High School
Required Knowledge
basics of Java
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Fabian Blasius