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Laptop mit Software
Laptop mit Software
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Screenshot aus Spiel
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Build a Game Controller - Insight into Technical Computer Science by Programming Micro Controllers

Why does the LED on the washing machine flash? What do I need to build a motion-controlled game controller?

After participating in this module ­you will know the answers to those two questions.

While working together with others you will build your own electronic circuit and make it come to life with a micro controller board and by programming commands. You will not only expand a simple traffic light circuit into a reaction test with a time display but also construct a game controller out of a motion sensor.

Step by step you will get to know new electronic units,  for example through small experiments or simply by testing them, and integrate them into your own circuit. This way your project adapts to your needs and improves both in hardware as well as in software.

In short, if you enjoy tinkering with new stuff and testing your creation, this module is exactly your thing!


Educational Stage
High School
Required Knowledge
basic programming concepts, basic object oriented programming
basic knowledge of electronic circuits and building units
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Thomas Friese