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Attention: Our modules are designed to be conducted by at least two of our instructors at the InfoSphere. Some modules can be performed by teachers in their respective school, if those are located too far away. In the module's manual the requirements for the execution of the module are listed.
New: Some modules can be integrated into classes. During the module's booking please discuss if you want the complete unit or only parts of the module and if your class possesses the required knowledge.
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All the material is offered for download by the InfoSphere – Student Laboratory for Computer Science are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Sort ascending School level Previous Knowledge Duration Materials
Ardublock-Screenshot Programming an Arduino with ArduBlock Middle School none 4 hours (incl. breaks) ArduBlock - Materialien
Screenshot unseres Chatbots Programming a Chatbot Middle School , Junior High School none 5 hours (incl. breaks) Chatbot - Materialien
Modulbild - Open Roberta Open Roberta – How to Program a Robot on the Internet Middle School none 5 hours (incl. breaks) Open - Roberta Materialien
Modul-Bild Alles Informatik Nothing Else than Computer Science?!? Take a Trip through the Mysterious World of Algorithms and Data Elementary School none 4 hours (incl. breaks) Alles Informatik - Materialien
Modul-Bild Greenfoot Newton meets JAVA - Simulating Physical Experiments with Greenfoot High School Java, object orientated programming, creating and solving quadratic formulas 5 hours (incl. breaks) Greenfoot - Materialien
Modul-Bild Media Computing Media Manipulation – A Java Software Project for Creative Minds High School Java basics (methods, classes, data types, objects, assignments) 5 hours (incl. breaks) Media Computing - Materialien
Modul-Bild ScratchJR Let’s Program a Walk through the Zoo or a Race with ScratchJR Elementary School, Middle School none 3 hours (incl. breaks) ScratchJR - Materialien
Modul-Bild Scratch Learn to Program while Having Fun with Scratch Middle School , Junior High School none 5 hours (incl. breaks) Scratch - Materialien
Schatzkarte Ladybugs Control via Snap! Elementary School Experiences with the computer (at least with mouse and keyboard), Preparation through research book ‘Robotik’ from the project ‘Informatik an Grundschulen’ 4 hours (incl. breaks) Snap - Materialien
Modul-Bild Reise in den PC Journey into the PC Middle School , Junior High School none 4 hours (incl. breaks) Reise ins Innere des PCs - Materialien