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Quiz-Buzzer, hearts and illuminated houses - Coding with Calliope mini

The Calliope mini is a tiny star-shaped computer. You can program it with colorful blocks - just like a jigsaw puzzle. First you will learn all about what you can do with its buttons and sensors. You will master different challenges such as making hearts blink, playing alarm sounds and changing the color of an LED. Then it is up to you to use your new coding skills in a project of your choice: Would you like to make a paper city light up in the dark? Automatically count how often you and your friends can jump in a row? Or would you rather create a game buzzer? The Calliope mini is a single-board computer geared towards children. Its sensors and actuators make it perfect for easy creative projects. This workshop offers a fun introduction to coding (with a visual, block-based programming language) for kids aged 8 or older.

Educational Stage
Elementary School
Middle School
Required Knowledge
participants must be able to read fluently
be familiar with using a PC (mouse, keyboard)
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Maria Theißen