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Media Manipulation – A Java Software Project for Creative Minds

All around us there is computer edited media in the form of pictures, music, sound effects and videos. This module shows you how the software used in this editing works. Over the course of this module the students will implement editing software for which the graphical interface is already available. This means the students will

  • learn to work project orientated
  • will get to know (or deepen their knowledge about) arrays, for-loops, data structures for pictures and sound
  • be able to let loose their creative energy

The last point is realized by letting the students create a video using their own software. By using the software the students can access a wide range of special effects. The InfoSphere offers equipment for taking pictures and the students can bring their own props.

This module can be integrated into class as a larger unit. Five classes should be used for preparing the module and one class after the module. The material is designed this is why the teacher does not need to spend a lot of time on prepping.

Educational Stage
High School
Required Knowledge
Java basics (methods, classes, data types, objects, assignments)
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Alexander Arseniev, Carsten Klein, Andrea Langer (original)
Alexander Arseniev (revision)