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Artificial Intelligence – Can Computers Really Replace Humans?

"Imagine yourself sitting at your computer and chatting with your best friend, as always – at least that's what you think. Would you really notice if it was a different person or even a chatbot that you're talking to? Is that even possible?"

In this module, the students will approach an answer to these questions and get to know different topics in artificial intelligence. The goal is to implement a chatbot that is as realistic and intelligent as possible. But how does an intelligent chatbot respond to various questions and statements? For such a rule based system you require facts and rules, those determine how the bot uses knowledge based on rules. To enable the students to express the rules in the chatbot's language, they learn about regular expressions through the well-known domino game – since there is only one fitting statement for each expression. With this they can teach their bot everything it needs to know for talking to humans.

This is where the fun starts. In theory, the students should now be able to program their bot, but what does it need to know and to which statements should it respond? And what do people talk about when chatting? Can a chatbot really replace a friend, is it as funny? At the end of the module it will become clear which group created the most intelligent bot. Who knows who you'll really be chatting with in the future…

Educational Stage
Junior High School
High School
Required Knowledge
basics of programming (no specific tools or language)
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Christiane Heetkamp, Sven Metzmacher, Tobias Quix, Michaela Wehling (original)
Maren Kuschay (revision)