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Developing 3D Models

Currently, a brand-new module about 3D printing is developed for the InfoSphere!

Assuming that you have already made some programming experiences, you get the chance to learn a new programming language. Do you want to let your imagination of a 3D model come true? The Software OpenSCAD enables you to program an own 3D model (using a functional programming language). Guided by some instructions, you design a key fob first. Afterwards, you are given free rein to develop your own ideas and create an individual 3D model.

As not any model is printable, you will get an introduction to our 3D printer. Otherwise it probably happens that, printing your model, it turns into a bunch of plastic.

Educational Stage
Junior High School
High School
Required Knowledge
basics of programming in an arbitrary language
5,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Hans-Peter Kühn