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Synopsys Sponsors the go4IT! Basic Workshop "B-O-B-3"

As the valediction (and especially the disassembling) at the end of the two-days basic workshop often leads to tears, we are going to offer a more sustainable workshop format. The new go4IT! basic workshop aims at giving girls the opportunity to keep the hardware they have built and programmed by themselves and, following the workshop, improve their programming skills at school, in a work group or at home.
Further information under go4IT! basic workshop "B-O-B-3".

At this point, we sincerely thank the company Synopsys that made the launch of the project and the first ten go4IT! basic workshops 2.0 with the B-O-B-3 possible.

Further information about the B-O-B-3 can be found under:

Since May, the new go4IT! basic workshops have been available for booking. Interested schools can apply for a workshop conduction via the application form.


July 27-28, 2017: Test run of our new go4IT! basic workshop with B-O-B-3.

February 3, 2017: The first order of B-O-B-3s has just arrived. Now we are ready to test, try out, and develop new workshop materials.