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Screenshot aus Robot Karol
Screenshot aus Robot Karol
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Robot Karol – Escape the Maze

Nothing easier than programming! ? In the module „Robot Karol – get out of the maze“ primary school students can learn the first blocks of the programming language Karol. In the first stage, the students are free to try out the various things Robot Karol can do. In the next step, they can „teach“ Karol new movements so that he can cope with many challenges e.g. getting out of the maze.

After a general introduction, the students can choose between three challenges (each having another level of difficulty).

This module aims at giving young students a first insight in the „programming world“. Therefore, simple and easy to read instructions are used. The programming environment is easy to understand as the number of commands is limited (Robot Karol does nothing else than picking up/ putting down bricks and setting/deleting marks. But these commands are sufficient to raise conditions and write statements so that Robot Karol does not need to be guided step by step. Soon, a whole program is completed and one can watch Robot Karol moving around and doing his work. :-D


Educational Stage
Elementary School
Middle School
Required Knowledge
3,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Sibel Suratli, Sümeyra, Öztürk, Merve Acikgöz and Henning Strang
revision by Nina Rußkamp