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Blick in einen PC
Blick in einen PC
Blick in einen PC
Blick in einen PC
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Journey into the PC

No matter if human, calculator, drinks dispenser or computer, all these systems have something in common: They all follow the same principle. But which one is it? What are the different components of computer systems such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, supercomputers and home PCs? And what does the computer have to do while we are gaming, surfing or playing videos? Everyone who is interested in these questions and who wants to take apart a computer him- or herself one day – has already found the right place. In this module, we take a look at the interior of a PC. First, the students work out the input-process-output pattern, before the classic von Neumann architecture is presented. Afterwards, the students are guided by different everyday scenarios while they disassemble the PC and get to know what the function of the individual components is.


Educational Stage
Middle School
Junior High School
Required Knowledge
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
Created by
Thomas Friese, Jörg Riemenschneider (Original)
first revision by Laura Tiemann, Hans-Peter Kühn
second revision by Carsten von den Driesch