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Screenshot aus ArduBlock
Screenshot aus ArduBlock
Screenshot aus ArduBlock
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Programming an Arduino with ArduBlock

Light has numerous facets! Perhaps you wonder what light has to do with computer science. Well, actually very much - as you can find out in this module. Imagine having your own sun flower, that follows a light source or a speed measurement that uses invisible light to measure how fast an object is moving. These are just two of the different projects you can construct and program in the module Programming an Arduino with  ArduBlock

Everything that is moving and blinking is built by the use of Arduino microcontrollers you can control with the ArduBlock software.

ArduBlock is a programming interface that can be used to program microcontrollers. ArduBlock does everything without textual programming, as it consists of programming components that can be easily put together to shed light onto the projects.


Further information:

The module ArduBlock is an alternative to the module "Computer Science Enlightened" and developed for younger students. Compared to Computer Science Enlightened, just the same things are constructed with aid of microcontrollers. In contrast, ArduBlock does everything without textual programming as it is based on a modular principle. Thus, it enables students to control microcontrollers without any programming skills.

Educational Stage
Middle School
Required Knowledge
4,0 hours (incl. breaks)
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